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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sydiving = Life Divided by Death

06/19/2011 Father's day
I am a skydiver. On the weekends at Skydive Taft, I am employed as a Tandem Jump Master, an arial cameraman, and an (AFF) Accelerated Free Fall Instructor. I teach humans to fly. In the case of the tandem jump, I strap you into a harness, then from behind you I connect you to my harness by four attachment points before we exit from the plane together plunging to the earth at over 120mph. The safest way to make your first skydive.

The more challenging way to make your first skydive is the AFF jump. This jump requires you take a 4-5 hour pre flight ground course where you are taught all the finer points of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with your own parachute. You must successfully exit the aircraft assisted by two AFF instructors into a stable arch position with your chin up, hips pushing forward, arms in a 90 degree position next to your head and your legs shoulder width apart with a slight bend at the knees trailing behind you.
You must perform a circle of awareness (COA) checking your altitude and reporting in with your instructors. You must stay altitude aware at all times and deploy your parachute at a safe altitude designated by your instructors. And finally you must safely land your modern forward moving square parachute (canopy) on the Dropzone landing area avoiding buildings, power lines, turbulence and other skydivers. This challenge is not to be taken lightly, as your life is on the line. The day of June 19th 2011, two individuals did not take this challenge seriously enough.

I was not aware the morning of June 19, 2011 that my skills as an AFF instructor were going to be tested to limits by a five foot, 110 pound Asian woman who seemed very knowledgable about the training she received for this skydive. This candidate assured me of her readiness and I reassured her that it was ok to be nervous and that her flight instructors Travis and myself were going to make sure that she would be ok. But as the time approached for her to make the skydive, I could see her nervousness starting to take control of her body and mind.
Jumpsuit suit zipped up, parachute rig on her back, altimeter on her left wrist, and helmet and goggles in hand, the reality of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was now upon this student. But it is always on the plane ride to altitude where I get to see the true essence of an individual. Because you never really know yourself until you are faced with the prospect of having to jump out of a plane. This student went from happy go lucky to OMG what the fuck did I get myself into. At 7000 feet AGL where Travis and I were making our final gear checks on the students parachute rig and making sure that her radios worked, we asked her if she was ready and willing to make this skydive. She replied yes. That was her fist mistake. Her second mistake was exiting the aircraft in the "fetal position of fear" instead of the the "arch of confidence" that was taught to her. This caused the three of us to flip on our backs which forced Travis to have to release his grip on the student so that I could correct her body position by forcibly flipping her back over so that she would fall belly to earth. I can't explain the skill it took to accomplish this maneuver. Once we were stable Travis was able to re-grip on the other side. By this point, it was time for the student to deploy her parachute but it was obvious that although her body was in freefall her spirit and heart were left in the plane. Therefor I had to deploy her parachute for her, deploy my own parachute and land as quickly as possible so I could get on the radio and help her fly her parachute safely to the ground. She had a less than perfect landing but was able to walk away from this skydive without a scratch.

The other student was her boyfriend. He suffered a major panic attack on the plane almost vomiting on his instructors. He ended up not attempting the skydive. I'm pretty sure that I will never see either of them again attempting another AFF skydive but I do hope that they return and do a tandem skydive. The moral of this story is not the obvious one "know your limits". The moral of the story is that I am one bad ass mother fucker that can save your life falling through the sky at over 120mph!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Playboy Voodoo on Playboy Radio

April 27th, 20011 was a day like no other. This story actually begins a couple of weeks earlier when I started cyber stalking @ProducerMarie aka Dirty Marie. She is the most amazing woman with these giant blue gray hazel eyes, long thick lustrous dark hair and the sexiest milky sweet skin. Not mention the jaw dropping junk in the trunk she carries around. Her physical beauty aside, she is also a big shot radio producer. For Playboy Radio!!! So I start sending her tweets informing her that I have become a fan of her on air personality "Dirty Marie" and an even bigger fan of her blog Our relationship began because we had a strong disagreement on the subject matter of "Does Cock Size Matter?". I was and still am a firm believer that it does and she still believes that it shouldn't. There is only one way to convince her. Let me fuck you Dirty Marie!!!

So from this strong disagreement developed a mutual respect of each others opinions. And somehow, I seduced Marie with my magical Voodoo powers into a business relationship. I was so infatuated with this innocent looking yet not so innocent girl, I needed to be on the radio with her to really get inside the head of Dirty Marie. Thus a show idea evolved. "Hardcore with Beauty and the Beast". A test show that Playboy executive Farrell was allowing us to record. To test out the chemistry between Beauty and the Beast. And boy did we have chemistry. I immediately had my heart stolen by Dirty Marie. We tackled the subject of "cream pies", "does cock size matter" and "Blumpkins". She provided the more serious and logical way of looking at life sprinkled with her own special seasoning of comedy and sexuality, and I was the unrelenting energy, never letting our heart rates fall below 90 beats per minute. The hour and twenty minute test show also entertained phone calls and a sexy new porn starlet named Hope. We could have gone on for hours. but I was also co-hosting Night Calls with Nicki Hunter that day. And Dirty Marie had to produce that show. Miss Nikki Hunter is an amazing host, and I had so much fun being her silly sidekick. A position I was told, rarely held by a man. Night Calls is an all girl world, and that's why we all fell in love with that show. I was honored that I was allowed into that party. You rock Nicki!!!

So by the of the day on April 27, 2011, I felt like I had conquered the radio universe. And for me, it was never about trying to make something come from it, I just wanted to play on the radio with my sexy Dirty Marie. And if something does end up coming from it, well then I will thank my lucky Voodoo Stars yet again!

Special Thanks to Sexy Lexi and Motor Mouth for their amazing support. Without the two of you, there is no show!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who is Voodoo? Part 2 The Trip Home

April 24th, 2011. I got to experience a piece of my history! I got to go home again. I got to call myself a Canadian, a son of Toronto, a St Clair boy. I got to reunite with my parents Ernesto and Cecile and brothers Francisco and Jerry. Francisco being my blood and Jerry, one of my best childhood friends.
I had two missions on the 5 day trip. To entertain my father who is battling cancer and to teach my mother how to use an ipad2 that I got her. The ipad2 was the bigger challenge. Entertaining my father has always been my specialty and on this trip I was in rare form. From getting into a heated discussion about the moralities of censorship to showing him my skydive videos to just acting the clown at the dinner table. I guarantee my father never once thought about cancer while I was here. And although my mother seems extremely into learning and discovering the iPad, I fear it is just the lack of repetition that will hold her back. That is why every morning I call her iPad from my iPad to order my breakfast! She is digging the FaceTime!!!!
My brother was coming back from a trip to Germany. And for the first time ever he was bringing a girlfriend home. I've gotten to know her a little and I think she is cool. Her bowling name was Lady Luck, but she was not a great bowler. She did bring Franky Four Fingers (my brother) some tremendous luck. He had the high score a couple of games. Which was not good for Jerry Morelli aka Dead End aka The Toronto Pimp.
Jerry has been a friend of mine since I was 13 years old. We met at the indoor recreation pool at JJP community center. We loved to hang out at the bottom of the pool with our goggles on staring at the girls that swam by. We were the original little porn stars. And we used that recreation center as our porn set. The number of sexual encounters we had at the place was ridiculous. It was a place where we fell in LOVE with pussy. And to this day Jerry Dead End The Pimp Morelli will tell you it's his only drug!! "Power to the Pussy!!"
I'm sad that I did not get to see my other best buds from another time. Sandro, Mass, March, Denny, Jumps and the Meathead. Guys that have grown up, married, gained responsibilities and taking care of business. Is it selfish of me to think I can always have everything I want? In this case I didn't get what I wanted. I wanted to see my friends. Next time for sure!
I got to scout the Toronto CN Tower for when I base jump of of it followed by a cool ride downtown. I got to hang with some good people. Amanda "Mandy May" and Joe "Hockey" win the Porn Star Status Award for being cool mother fuckers and good drinking and puffin buddies. Amanda you are hot and I want to fuck you. See you next time Toronto!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much Ass!

Today I had the absolute pleasure of having a 3some with two of the adult industry's finest. The world famous ass queen Alexis Texas and super sexy newcomer Jada Stevens. The scene was shot by veteran porn director Greg Lansky for the Reality Kings website at a beautiful Malibu estate.
When I was informed that I would be having sex with two girls who possess the most amazingly huge asses, I was immediately transported into such a euphoric state that I mistakenly misunderstood the time I needed to be on set. Thank my lucky Voodoo stars for the production assistant Ryan who texted me that they needed me there 20 minutes ago. My adrenaline was flowing hardcore with the anticipation of molesting some super fine gluteus maximus with my hands, face and cock. The bulge in my jeans was extremely uncomfortable during my 50 mile motorcycle ride to Malibu. I had to get there quick because I was late but more so to relieve this pressure building up in my loins.
When I got to set I was immediately taken aback by the beauty of the girls, their outfits and the amount of junk in the trunk I was going to get to play with. I had worked with both women in the past separately, but this was an entirely different situation. I felt ass drunk, I felt dizzy, I was weak in the knees already and my entire world took on a very surreal quality. It was sexual overload!
The basic plot of the scene was that Alexis Texas was in charge. She was a super sexual dominatrix who wanted her sex slave Jada Stevens to get fucked by a big cock. Both were superb in their designated roles. Alexis Texas was aggressive, in charge and could sex talk like no other. Jada Stevens' portrayal of a submissive sexually charged sex slave who only wanted to please her mistress was mind blowing. Both girls truly lost themselves to the scene because as you will see there was nothing fake about their passion. The blowjobs and the face smothering had me wanting to burst!!!
Jada had the pleasure of being forced by Alexis to ride my cock first. Once Alexis was satisfied watching and guiding Jada's cock riding skills, she took on the role of cowgirl and took my baloney pony for a ride regular cowgirl style followed by reverse cowgirl. Orgasm achieved, Alexis then ordered her slave Jada to take my massive meat from behind on all fours IN THE ASS!!! By this point it had become almost impossible to hold back the poison that wanted so badly to be released by my aching balls. But I had to hold out one final position. A reverse anal spoon. Jada's ass was being abused to the limit and Alexis was getting off on every second of ass ramming. Finally, I could handle no more. After several minutes of thrusting in and out of Jada's super tight asshole, Alexis ordered me to pull out and cum in her mouth. I always do what I am told. From Jada's ass into the mouth of Alexis I exploded. Once drained of every last drop, Alexis forced Jada to perform the most erotic cum swapping ritual. OUTRAGEOUS!
This was one for the books. One of those sex scenes that you cannot miss. You must check it out! I am still dazed just thinking about it. And I would like to thank Reality Kings. For everything. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Is Voodoo? Part 1

How does one describe themselves to the world without blurring the lines of fact and fiction? For most, this would be a difficult task. After all, you want to be found interesting, intriguing and capable of outputting noteworthy blogs right? So, most would tend to embellish their resume and exaggerate their achievements in order to have their subjective thoughts viewed by the masses as credible and transcendent. Not I. I do not need to embellish nor exaggerate for I am truly the most interesting man in the world.
Born in 1977 in the little Italy section of Toronto, Canada, I was a fearless trouble making wild child from the very beginning. My father, a city bus driver with an iron fist and a "don't fuck with me" attitude had to constantly remove his belt and paint my ass red. My mother, a stay at home mom was equality brutal when it came to corporal punishment. Every beating was rightfully administered. I was a bad kid and I got what I deserved. Today I have nothing but love and respect for my parents for putting up with such an evil little shit. If it were not for their tough love, I would be in prison today.
As a teenager, my passion for causing mischief and playing hockey was quickly rivaled by a new found love. The power of the pussy. So infatuated did I become with this mysterious and amazing part of the female anatomy that I would eventually become a professional sex worker. A Porn Star.
It all started in 1984 when MTV released the "Like A Virgin" video by that sexy icon Madonna. At the tender age of seven I discovered masturbation. I had been having wet dreams for some time already but watching Madonna exude such perverted sexuality had me needing to touch myself and release the built up of poison in my loins. The shower was the destination and my body was the experimentation. I made two important discoveries that night which have had real profound effects on the rest of life. The female body affects me tremendously in such a physical and psychological manner that I may actually have developed a drug like dependence on it. And that I am capable of having multiple orgasms several times a day. Becoming a porn star was my destiny. How it all came to be is an amazing story.