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Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much Ass!

Today I had the absolute pleasure of having a 3some with two of the adult industry's finest. The world famous ass queen Alexis Texas and super sexy newcomer Jada Stevens. The scene was shot by veteran porn director Greg Lansky for the Reality Kings website at a beautiful Malibu estate.
When I was informed that I would be having sex with two girls who possess the most amazingly huge asses, I was immediately transported into such a euphoric state that I mistakenly misunderstood the time I needed to be on set. Thank my lucky Voodoo stars for the production assistant Ryan who texted me that they needed me there 20 minutes ago. My adrenaline was flowing hardcore with the anticipation of molesting some super fine gluteus maximus with my hands, face and cock. The bulge in my jeans was extremely uncomfortable during my 50 mile motorcycle ride to Malibu. I had to get there quick because I was late but more so to relieve this pressure building up in my loins.
When I got to set I was immediately taken aback by the beauty of the girls, their outfits and the amount of junk in the trunk I was going to get to play with. I had worked with both women in the past separately, but this was an entirely different situation. I felt ass drunk, I felt dizzy, I was weak in the knees already and my entire world took on a very surreal quality. It was sexual overload!
The basic plot of the scene was that Alexis Texas was in charge. She was a super sexual dominatrix who wanted her sex slave Jada Stevens to get fucked by a big cock. Both were superb in their designated roles. Alexis Texas was aggressive, in charge and could sex talk like no other. Jada Stevens' portrayal of a submissive sexually charged sex slave who only wanted to please her mistress was mind blowing. Both girls truly lost themselves to the scene because as you will see there was nothing fake about their passion. The blowjobs and the face smothering had me wanting to burst!!!
Jada had the pleasure of being forced by Alexis to ride my cock first. Once Alexis was satisfied watching and guiding Jada's cock riding skills, she took on the role of cowgirl and took my baloney pony for a ride regular cowgirl style followed by reverse cowgirl. Orgasm achieved, Alexis then ordered her slave Jada to take my massive meat from behind on all fours IN THE ASS!!! By this point it had become almost impossible to hold back the poison that wanted so badly to be released by my aching balls. But I had to hold out one final position. A reverse anal spoon. Jada's ass was being abused to the limit and Alexis was getting off on every second of ass ramming. Finally, I could handle no more. After several minutes of thrusting in and out of Jada's super tight asshole, Alexis ordered me to pull out and cum in her mouth. I always do what I am told. From Jada's ass into the mouth of Alexis I exploded. Once drained of every last drop, Alexis forced Jada to perform the most erotic cum swapping ritual. OUTRAGEOUS!
This was one for the books. One of those sex scenes that you cannot miss. You must check it out! I am still dazed just thinking about it. And I would like to thank Reality Kings. For everything. Thank you.


  1. still awaiting "who is voodoo" part 2...!

  2. lol you are like the world's most retarded pornstar LOL