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Friday, April 29, 2011

Playboy Voodoo on Playboy Radio

April 27th, 20011 was a day like no other. This story actually begins a couple of weeks earlier when I started cyber stalking @ProducerMarie aka Dirty Marie. She is the most amazing woman with these giant blue gray hazel eyes, long thick lustrous dark hair and the sexiest milky sweet skin. Not mention the jaw dropping junk in the trunk she carries around. Her physical beauty aside, she is also a big shot radio producer. For Playboy Radio!!! So I start sending her tweets informing her that I have become a fan of her on air personality "Dirty Marie" and an even bigger fan of her blog Our relationship began because we had a strong disagreement on the subject matter of "Does Cock Size Matter?". I was and still am a firm believer that it does and she still believes that it shouldn't. There is only one way to convince her. Let me fuck you Dirty Marie!!!

So from this strong disagreement developed a mutual respect of each others opinions. And somehow, I seduced Marie with my magical Voodoo powers into a business relationship. I was so infatuated with this innocent looking yet not so innocent girl, I needed to be on the radio with her to really get inside the head of Dirty Marie. Thus a show idea evolved. "Hardcore with Beauty and the Beast". A test show that Playboy executive Farrell was allowing us to record. To test out the chemistry between Beauty and the Beast. And boy did we have chemistry. I immediately had my heart stolen by Dirty Marie. We tackled the subject of "cream pies", "does cock size matter" and "Blumpkins". She provided the more serious and logical way of looking at life sprinkled with her own special seasoning of comedy and sexuality, and I was the unrelenting energy, never letting our heart rates fall below 90 beats per minute. The hour and twenty minute test show also entertained phone calls and a sexy new porn starlet named Hope. We could have gone on for hours. but I was also co-hosting Night Calls with Nicki Hunter that day. And Dirty Marie had to produce that show. Miss Nikki Hunter is an amazing host, and I had so much fun being her silly sidekick. A position I was told, rarely held by a man. Night Calls is an all girl world, and that's why we all fell in love with that show. I was honored that I was allowed into that party. You rock Nicki!!!

So by the of the day on April 27, 2011, I felt like I had conquered the radio universe. And for me, it was never about trying to make something come from it, I just wanted to play on the radio with my sexy Dirty Marie. And if something does end up coming from it, well then I will thank my lucky Voodoo Stars yet again!

Special Thanks to Sexy Lexi and Motor Mouth for their amazing support. Without the two of you, there is no show!!!

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